Assignment: Cascading Style Sheets

In this assignment you will develop a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to control, the look, feel, and layout of some provide HTML content.

You will transform from this:

To this:
Using only CSS.


There are several sources of information so you can do the assignment:



Here are the tasks for this assignment. You can do all the editing for this assignment in a folder on your computer.

What To Hand In

For this assignment you will hand in:

  1. Image (JPG or PNG) of your index.htm with the styling applied
  2. Image (JPG or PNG) of the source code of your blocks.css file
  3. Image (JPG or PNG) of your blocks.css passing the W3 CSS validator
  4. Image (JPG or PNG) of your browser viewing with all styles turned off
  5. Image (JPG or PNG) of your browser at inspecting the navigation element to find its background color

Sample Screen Shots

Using inspect element on the

Looking at using Chris Pedrick's Web Developer add on to turn off all styles:

Passing the CSS validator:

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