Assignment: Software Installation and Configuration

In this assignment you will install software that will be used during the course. This software includes a programming text editor and a PHP and MySQL Environment. Also as part of this assignment you will learn how to take screenshots and make them into images. The deliverables of this assignment are two peer-graded images of your running software.

If you follow the instructions carefully and look at the handouts and watch the podcasts, this assignment should be pretty straightforward and take less than an hour.

Note: As you install on Windows, you may be asked for permission to open ports or to allow an application through the firewall - say 'yes' to these dialog boxes if they are popping up when you first install or first start your PHP environment.

If you get stuck on this assignment - feel free to get assistance from anyone who can help. All we want is that you have successfully installed the software and can use it on your system. This is not intended as a difficult or challenging assignment.


There are several sources of information so you can do the assignment:


Go to and work through the installation guide and take the following steps. There are sample screen shots. Turn those two screen shots in the peer-graded assignment in CTools.

Sample Screen Shots

The first screen shot for the peer-graded portion of the assignment is the phpMyAdmin as follows:

Don't worry about having fewer databases on the left hand side in your screen shot since you just finished installing your server.

Here a sample of the second screen shot in the peer-graded portion is to verify that display_errors is On in your PHP configuration:

Here is a sample of a screenshot if you are using XAMPP:

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