Assignment: Profiles, Positions, and Education

In this assignment you will extend our simple resume database to support Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations (CRUD) into a Education table that has a many-to-one relationship to our Profile table and a many-to-many relationship to an Institution table. We will add an JQuery autocomplete field to our user interface.

This assignment will also feature a jQuery auto-complete field when entering the name of the school.

Sample solution

You can explore a sample solution for this problem at


There are several resources you might find useful:

Additional Tables Required for the Assignment

This assignment will add two more tables to the database from the previous assignment. We will create Education and Instutition tables and connect them to the Profile table.

CREATE TABLE Institution (
  name VARCHAR(255),
  PRIMARY KEY(institution_id),

CREATE TABLE Education (
  profile_id INTEGER,
  institution_id INTEGER,
  rank INTEGER,
  year INTEGER,

  CONSTRAINT education_ibfk_1
        FOREIGN KEY (profile_id)
        REFERENCES Profile (profile_id)

  CONSTRAINT education_ibfk_2
        FOREIGN KEY (institution_id)
        REFERENCES Institution (institution_id)

  PRIMARY KEY(profile_id, institution_id)
You must create the Institution table first so that the CONSTRAINTS in the Education table work properly.

Like in the Position table, the rank column should be used to record the order in which the positions are to be displayed. Do not use the year as the sort key when viewing the data.

You should also pre-insert some University data into the Institution table as follows:

INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('University of Michigan');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('University of Virginia');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('University of Oxford');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('University of Cambridge');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('Stanford University');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('Duke University');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('Michigan State University');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('Mississippi State University');
INSERT INTO Institution (name) VALUES ('Montana State University');
This will allow you to have some university names pop up when you are typing ahead in the School field.

JavaScript and CSS

To make this work use the following JavaScript / CSS in your document's head area:

<link rel="stylesheet" 

<link rel="stylesheet" 

<link rel="stylesheet" 




Type Ahead

If you look a the sample implementation, the actual typeahead code in the browser is pretty simple starting with the text field that we want to add the auto-complete to:

School: <input type="text" size="80" 
    name="edu_school1" class="school" value="" />
This is a normal input tag to which we have added the "school" class. We attach typeahead code to this input box using the following jQuery code:
    source: "school.php"
This simply says that we want to have autocomplete active for all input tags with a class of "school" and to call the script school.php with the partially typed school name using the following calling sequence (make sure your are logged in to the sample application before accessing this URL):

The term is whatever has been typed into the input field so far. The HTTP response from the school.php is a JSON array of items to displayed as the autocomplete list:

["University of Cambridge","University of Michigan",
"University of Oxford","University of Virginia"]

After error checking and session checking the code to return the list of universities that match the prefix typed so far looks as follows:

$stmt = $pdo->prepare('SELECT name FROM Institution
    WHERE name LIKE :prefix');
$stmt->execute(array( ':prefix' => $_REQUEST['term']."%"));

$retval = array();
while ( $row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC) ) {
    $retval[] = $row['name'];

echo(json_encode($retval, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT));

The Screens for This Assignment

We will be extending the user interface of the previous assignment to implment this assignment. All of the requirements from the previous assignment still hold. In this section we will talk about the additional UI requirements.

  • add.php You will need to have a section where the user can press a "+" button to add up to nine empty education entries. Each education entry includes a year (integer) and a school name.
  • view.php Will show all of the education entries in an un-numbered list and the positions in another un-numbered list.
  • edit.php Will support the addition of new position or education entries, the deletion of any or all of the existing entries, and the modification of any of the existing entries. After the "Save" is done, the data in the database should match whatever positions and education entries were on the screen and in the same order as the positions on the screen.
  • index.php No change needed.
  • login.php No change needed.
  • logout.php No change needed.
  • delete.php No change needed.
  • If the user goes to an add, edit, or delete script without being logged in, die with a message of "ACCESS DENIED".

    You might notice that there are several common operations across these files. You might want to build a set of utility functions to avoid copying and pasting the same code over and over across several files.

    Data validation

    In addition to all of the validation requirements from the previous assignment, you must make sure that for all the positions both the year, description and institution name are non-blank and that all years are numeric.

    All fields are required
    Year must be numeric

    What To Hand In

    As a reminder, your code must meet all the specifications (including the general specifications) above. Just having good screen shots is not enough - we will look at your code to see if you made coding errors. For this assignment you will hand in:

    1. A screen shot (including the URL) of your add.php showing one existing Education institution and one new education institution
    2. A screen shot (including the URL) of your edit.php showing one education entry modified, one education entry deleted and one new education entry
    3. A screen shot (including the URL) of your view.php showing the correct new education entry after the edit is complete
    4. A screen shot (including the URL) of your add.php showing the error message for a bad year
    5. A screen shot of your Education database table showing at least three rows
    6. A screen shot of your Institution database table showing at least one new row inserted when the institution name did not match an existing instutition
    7. Source code of add.php
    8. Source code of view.php
    9. Source code of edit.php
    10. Source code any file in your application that you choose (i.e. util.php)

    General Specifications

    Here are some general specifications for this assignment:

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