Assignment: Building a Multi-Table Database With Relationships

In this assignment, you will build a copy of the "Music" database covered in lecture. You will populate your database with tracks, artists, albums and genres that are different from the ones used in class. You must include three artists, five albums, and 20 tracks in your data. Choose a genre for each track. Your tables need to be normalized as described in class.

Then you must construct and run some queries on your data and then take screen shots of those queries and submit the screen shots as your assignment.


There are several sources of information so you can do the assignment:

What To Hand In

For this assignment you will hand in:

  1. Screen shot (JPG or PNG) of data in the Track table
  2. Screen shot (JPG or PNG) of all the data joined up sorted in ascending order by the album title
  3. Screen shot (JPG or PNG) of all of the genres for a particular artist. Hint - use JOIN, DISTINCT and WHERE


This is a relatively simple assignment. Don't take off points for little mistakes. If they seem to have done the assignment give them full credit. Feel free to make suggestions if there are small mistakes. Please keep your comments positive and useful. If you do not take grading seriously, the instructors may delete your response and you will lose points.

The total number of points for this assignment is 10. You will get up to 4 points from your instructor. You will get up to 3 points from your peers. You will get 1 for each peer assignment you assess. You need to grade a minimum of 3 peer assignments. You can grade up to 5 peer assignments if you like.

Sample Screen Shots

Optional Challenges

This section is entirely optional and is here in case you want to explore a bit more deeply and expand your code skillz. There is nothing to hand in for this challenge.

Come up with a query using GROUP BY to show the number of tracks an Artist has in each Genre. You do not need to hand in a screen shot of this query.

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